February 2019 Nutrition Challenge Winners

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna GA

Drumroll Please!! It was close this year, but the winners are here! The February 2019 Nutrition Challenge Results are in!


1st place: Rich Pulliam


Rich lost over 12 pounds, (over 6 pounds of fat) in the 5 week paleo challenge! Not only did he tone up, he also got stronger and faster too! His weighted step ups increased by 40% and he shaved a minute off of his baseline time. He also honored his workout commitment and worked out 26 times in the 35 days of the challenge. His food score was nearly perfect with 32 of a possible 36 paleo perfect days! Congratulations Rich!                              

2nd place: Heather Tuggle


Heather crushed this challenge with an astounding 5.3% or 16 pounds of fat lost! Not only that, but she stayed on track with her workout consistency, coming in 21 times (at least 4 times/week) every week of the challenge. She kept at paleo with 33 days of paleo diet with no cheats and increased her step ups and squats in the process! Way to go Heather!


3rd place: Sheffina Dorsey


Sheffina was one of our top scores in the food challenge category, only missing 1 day of perfect paleo diet!  She was consistently in the gym with 25 workouts logged during the challenge. Not only that, she crushed her baseline time by over 2 minutes! Great job Sheffina!

What did they Win?

The winners get to choose between the prizes! 1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, and 3rd gets the remaining prize.

Prize Options for our theme “Summer Chilling” prize pack include:

-          $100 Amazon Gift Card

-          2 backpack/seat/coolers

-          A portable mesh firepit

Thank you for joining us in our quest to lead healthier lifestyles! We hope you join us in our next challenge and continue to eat healthy!