Athlete of Month: March 2019

Addam Driver: March 2019 Member of the Month

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Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

Addam is our night owl and a frequent visitor of the 7:30 PM classes. He has an infectious smile and a great attitude working out. He is Mr. Positive and his energy during the night classes radiates to his peers. We are so proud of his achievements at the gym so far and hope to coach him through many more!

Some fun facts about Addam:

Occupation: Investor/Engineer/Musician 

How long have you been at Caffeinated CrossFit? 8 Months

What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? The Beach & Traveling

What is your biggest achievement so far? Finally figured out how to rope climb!

What are your future goals? Do 10 pull-ups unbroken

Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? Take your time, keep good form, grow slow and strong.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Fried Chicken from Copeland's

CrossFit Secret: Always know the alternative moves ;-)

On Rest Days: Have fun with a 4 letter word...REST!

What you can't live without: Water! Dehydration sucks!

Who is your box buddy? Ryan Payne


Coaches Comments:

 Coach Kelsey comments, “If there’s an antithesis to the stereotype of toxic masculinity in CrossFit gyms, it is fully embodied in Addam. He trains smarter than 99% of athletes I’ve ever encountered, including myself. Addam knows what he’s about, and risking injury is obviously not it because he always scales appropriately and takes the time to move well through every rep of the workout. I’m not sure about his choice in friends because I’ve been meaning to have a conversation with Ryan’s wife about his behavior in the gym for a while now.... but all things considered, Addam is the first person who’s ever made me think twice about my antipathy for L.A. Well deserved, sir!”

Coach Mary adds, “Addam is a wonderful part of our Caffeinated family and a great leader of the 7:30 pm crew! Addam always has a positive attitude and he has come so far in his progress since starting CrossFit. He works hard and scales appropriately in order to get a great workout while avoiding injury!”

Coach Jess writes, “Addam is a member of my "swole-30" classes. He's an amazing athlete to coach because he listens to his body and will discuss a game plan with you before the workout so that he's on target for his body's needs. His attitude and sense of humor always shine in class, and it's always a pleasure to joke around with him while you push him. Congrats, Addam. Well deserved!”

Coach Way Joe sums it up with, “Addam is confidently persistent in changing his lifestyle for the better and he does not shy away from challenges. He backs away to recover, recollect and re-asses when he fails, but comes back to take incremental steps in achieving his goals and he doesn't let failure deter him from trying. Pausing and looking back in the fitness realm, we are so proud of how far he's come, but there's a life lesson in there for all of us.”

Addam Driver

Bench press: Spend 10 min finding a heavy set of 5

Rest 5 min

15 Min AMRAP

5 burpee pull ups

5 Front Squats (at bench press weight)

200 M Row

**Burpee pull-ups and front squats increase by 1 rep each round.