Program For Week of Oct 14 - Oct 20


The CrossFit Open is moving to October which means we will have two Opens in 2019! Since we did Friday Night Lights/team in Feb/March, we are going to change it up a bit. The Open will start on Oct 10th. We will do the workout on Fridays in class, if you are signed up for the Open through CrossFit you are responsible for finding someone to judge you. 

With that said our October Monthly Challenge will be CrossFit Open participation. The goal is to do ALL 5 CrossFit Open workouts. You have Friday-Monday of each week to get them done. If you miss Friday you can make up during Open Gym on Saturday mornings at 9 am or Sundays at 1 pm. We will do a different spirited them each week!

Oct 18: Pajama day: Brittany and Kam faceoff at 5 pm
Oct 25: Halloween Costume 
Nov 1: TBD
Nov 8: TBD


Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Romanian Deadlifts
5x5 climbing 

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
15 Deadlifts (205/145)
12 Dumbbell Push Press (50s/35s)
9 Knees-to-elbows
18 Min Cap

INTENT: We want the hamstrings to be long and strong. RDLs are great for that! Control down, stop right before touching the ground, explode up. For metcon: Shoot to finish rounds in under 5 mins. 

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Bench Press
5x3 climbing 

Tabata: 8 Rounds of 20s on 10s off
Push Ups
Russian Twists
Double Unders
Finish all of one movement before moving on to the next. Rest 1 Min between movements.

INTENT: Do not exceed 90% on bench press. Tabata: Do all push ups, then all russian twists etc. Finish one movement, rest 1 min then move to the next. Score is lowest round for each movement combined. 

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Sq. Clean & Jerk

Every 2 mins. Build to 90%. 
12 Rounds for time of:
9 Wall Ball Shots, 20/14
1 Clean & Jerk, 75-85% of 1RM

15 Min Cap

INTENT: Build to a heavy 1 rep Clean & Jerk but not maxing out. Do not exceed 90%. For metcon: C&J should be moderately heavy. Shoot to keep rounds under 1 min. 

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

Strength: For Quality
5 Rounds
5/5 1 Arm DB High Pulls 
5/5 Alt DB Curls
5/5 Bulgarian Split Squats (add weight)
Rest 1 Min

15 Min AMRAP
1 Rope Climb
10 Burpees
20/15 Cal Row

INTENT: Take 15-20 mins on the for quality work. Use this as a recovery day before The Open on Friday if needed. Practice rope climbs before metcon, time permitting. 

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

CrossFit Open 20.2

Workout TBD: Will be released Thursday night

Friday Night Lights: Pajama Day

INTENT: They are moving the CrossFit Open to Oct which means there are two Opens in 2019. Let’s have some fun each Friday for five weeks while getting in a great workout and accomplishing things you didn’t know you were capable of. Wear your favorite pajamas!

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

 2-person team…
4 Rounds for time of:
80/60 Calories, Bike
60 Sit-Ups
40m Dumbbell Lunge, 50's/35's
20 Ring Dips, strict

*Only 1 person working at a time.
30 Min Cap

Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, GA

OPEN GYM: Come in and work on your choice of workout/skill/lifting work. The coach can help provide suggestions