Athlete of Month: February 2019

february 2019 member of the month.jpg

Sam Soffe: February 2019 Member of the Month

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

Sam can be found frequenting the afternoon classes at Caffeinated CrossFit. She has been a trooper, working out through her first pregnancy! Her bright disposition and “can do it” drive are why the coaches nominated her for our February member of the month.

Some fun facts about Sam:

Occupation: Account Manager, Food & Beverage Marketing (otherwise known as a professional taste tester/chef wrangler) 

How long have you been at Caffeinated CrossFit? October of 2017

What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? Trying new restaurants, shopping (I should have become a personal shopper), hiking, walking on the beltline, hanging with my hubby and dog, Sully 

What is your biggest achievement so far? Probably staying active and continuing working out through pregnancy. Especially in that first trimester when you’re not feeling too hot. Excited and happy I feel good now and can still workout/hang out with everyone at the gym. 

What are your future goals?

1) Crossfit/workout right up until I go into labor 

2) Get back into shape post baby so I can be a healthy and happy mom

Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? Have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously. Everyone is in pain so they’re not paying attention to you if you can/can’t do something or if you’re modifying! Trust me... I’m the queen of the modification 

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza. And wine. 

CrossFit Secret: My secret to getting through a WOD is just knowing that it will end. It’s all a mental game. 

On Rest Days: I walk the dog or do yoga. Or just binge watch Netflix. 

What you can't live without: Good food. I LOVE food. 

Who is your box buddy? Fran, Dara, Laurie, Kelsey... all the gals! 

Coaches Comments:

Coach Kelsey says, ”Sam is one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, which makes little sense when you see how smoking hot she is. When I found out she went to Walton High School I even tried really hard to dislike her but alas, my efforts were for naught because she’s so likable, personable, and modest. As an athlete, she makes everyone feel welcome in the gym with her smile and accompanying positive attitude. Sam is never afraid to scale, say hello to a newcomer, or try new things. For all the Parks and Rec fans out there, Sam is #ifihadtopickachick”

Coach Mary adds, “Sam is very personable and friendly to everyone at Caffeinated CrossFit! She is committed to keeping herself healthy and fit even while growing a baby in her belly! She is always ready to work hard and push herself! We love having Sam at Caffeinated CrossFit!“

“Sam has a contagious smile that makes your day instantly better and makes a class so easy to coach. Her unending positive attitude helps others around her push through their day and workouts without her even knowing it and we're lucky to have Sam be a part of our Caffeinated Family.” Coach Way Joe comments. 

Coach Jess exclaims, “Sam is a wonderful athlete to have in class! She is always smiling and has a friendly and encouraging word to share. No matter the workout she always does her best and pushes to be the best version of herself. Love having that positive energy in class! “

Sam Soffe

25 Min AMRAP:

Buy In: 400 M Run

Complete following AMRAP until the 25 min mark.

20 Box Jumps (24/20) (near bay door)

20 M Walking Lunges

20 Air Squats (near mural)

20 M Walking Lunges (30/20# overhead) [*2x15/10# Plates with both plates overhead]

20 Deadlifts (near bay door)

40 M Walking Lunges

Round 1: Deadlifts 135/85

Round 2: Deadlifts 165/105

Round 3: Deadlifts 195/125

…Keep increasing weight by 30/20# on deadlift for every round.