Athlete of the Month: August 2018

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Brittany Webb: August 2018 Member of the Month

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

When Brittany came for a free trial and happened to be paired with Christine for her first workout, we thought we had seen the last of her at Caffeinated. Luckily, she is made of tougher stuff and came back and then some. A year later, she is killing the workouts and doubling her previous “max” lifts. We love her drive to continuously improve and even tackle her first CrossFit competition!

Some fun facts about Brittany: 

(Q) Occupation: (A) IT Manager (aka: Christine’s partner in crime at SageNet).


(Q)  How long have you been at Caffeinated CrossFit? (A) 1 year(ish).


(Q)  What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit?  (A) Hanging out with family and friends, finding more ways to make money.


(Q)  What is your biggest achievement so far?  (A) Getting my first toes to bar in a competition and actually not finishing dead last in the comp.


(Q)  What are your future goals?  (A) I would like to compete more and be able to do more RX WODs vs Scaled.


(Q)  Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey?  (A) Don't be so hard on yourself if you can't do every movement. If you stay committed and work hard the results will come.


(Q)  Favorite Cheat Meal.  (A) Alcohol haha. If I'm going to use all of my calories might as well enjoy it!


(Q)  CrossFit Secret:  (A) The only way to get better is to show up and dive in head first.


(Q)  On Rest Days: (A) What are those? If I'm not at the gym then I'm probably somewhere working.


(Q)  Who is your box buddy? (A) I have 2 box buddies and both of those jerks are leaving me! Dr. Lutgen :-) and David Aird


Here is what the coaches have to say:

"Brittany is a great athlete who is always willing to put the extra time in to work on a movement. Her laugh is contagious and she brings great energy to class. Plus, her shimmy before she lifts always puts a smile on my face!" says coach Jess

"Brittany pushes herself and others around her. She still comes in when she is sore or her ankle/knee bothers her and never steps down from a challenge. Whether it is to PR a lift or compete in her first CrossFit competition. She is the life of the party or class!" adds coach Christine.

"Brittany is fun to work out with and always has a clever retort to Christine whenever she tries to program more burpees. ;) Great sense of humor and willingness to tackle a workout make Brittany a great workout partner and enjoyable to have in class." jokes coach Claire.

"Brittany is a fun athlete to work with. She is a great leader for newer athletes and will always keep the class fun! Brittany is super strong and if you just keep adding weight onto her bar she will keep lifting it!" comments coach Mary.


"Brittany Webb"

Team of 2:

200M Run

60 Bench Press(135/ 95) 

20 Burpees

60 Deadlift (225/ 185) 

200M Run

*spot each other for bench press, tear down station after burpees and use the same bar for DL