Athlete of Month: June 2018

Dara Porter: June 2018 Member of the Month

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Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

Dara joined the gym for almost a year and has brought an added degree of cheer to the gym. Dara has an awesome attitude in the gym, smiling and making friends everywhere she goes. She's so easy going and always up for doing stuff, whether it be extra credit, hanging out at a bar Saturday night or even a competition. She takes coaching extremely well, and often puts in work before or after classes on her weaknesses and we are proud to feature her as Member of the Month!

Some fun facts about Dara:

Graphic Designer

(Q) What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? (A) Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, hiking, and enhancing my design skills with my professional association, American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Atlanta.

(Q) What is your biggest achievement so far? (A) I recently hit a new PR for my Clean! 

(Q) What are your future goals? (A) My overall goal is to become a stronger athlete each day. I am working to improve my Olympic lifts, gymnastic techniques, and my aerobic capacity. 

(Q) Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey?

1. Don't compare yourself to others, everyone is different. Just start where you are and continue to work hard from there. 
2. Our words become our reality. Avoid negative self-talk. Thinking in positive terms can help you through those tough workouts. 

(Q) Favorite Cheat Meal (A) When you count macros, you don't need a cheat meal. You can enjoy anything that fits within your numbers!

(Q) CrossFit Secret (A) Reviewing your goals, set your intention before you enter the gym, and have a result in mind. Once you get your mind right, you can tackle any workout. 

(Q) On rest days... (A)What's a rest day?

(Q) What can't you live without (A) Faith, family, friends, Adobe Creative Cloud, music, a good latte, and Golden Girls reruns.

(Q) Who is your box buddy? (A) I enjoy working out with everyone, but my main crew is the 6:30 pm class. They motivate me to add a little more weight to the barbell and to practice fun movements like pullovers!


Coaches Comments:

Coach Kat comments, "She is always a pleasure to coach. She has a strong motivation to better herself and those around her in class. I always get an extra boost of energy when Dara is in my class!! She is so willing to learn and put in the work."

Coach Jess exclaims, "Dara is an amazing athlete! She has a passion for lifting and is constantly striving to improve her form or work on a new skill. Dara’s attitude is always positive and she’s always willing to stay after class to work with you. Great job, Dara!"

Coach Mary adds, "Dara is an amazing athlete and person! She is great to coach, always open to feedback and works hard toward her goals each day! She is also a lot of fun to workout with!

Coach Tommy says, "Great potential and seems to have a good attitude. Haven’t had a ton of exposure, but that’s what I’ve gathered."


"Dara P.

12 Min Amrap:

*30 Calories Assault Bike buy in

5 Power Cleans (185/ 155)


5 DL (185/ 155)

9 GHD Situps (or V ups) 

**400 M run Buy Out

*Start when Clock Starts

**Run begins at 12:00