Athlete of the Month: April 2018

Makeda Smith: April 2018 Member of the Month

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Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

Makeda joined us in an effort to be healthier and look at where she is now!!! She's blown everyone away with her positive attitude and support she gives the people she works out with. Even though Makeda travels for work sometimes, she is always consistent when she is here, and gives it her all on every workout. She's an example for all of us to pause and reflect on what you are doing, and re-calibrate if you don't like it. Doesn't hurt that she's a Georgia Tech grad too....! :)

Some fun facts about Makeda:

(Q) Occupation: (A) Director Information Technology

(Q) How long have you been at Caffeinated CrossFit? (A) Since March 2017

(Q) What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? (A) Travel and spending time with my god child Ava 8, niece  Arabella 6, and nephew Sebastian 3

(Q) What is your biggest achievement so far? (A) There have been a number of WODs that upon completion I say to myself “I can’t believe I just completed that!”  

(Q) What are your future goals? (A)  Complete a cross fit competition and learn to double under *scrunch face* 

(Q) Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? (A)  Find a BOX that challenges you but is equipped to design a program for your fitness level. 

(Q) Favorite Cheat Meal. (A) Pizza!

(Q) CrossFit secret: (A) Tackle each exercise 5 reps at a time

(Q) On rest days (A) Hydrate and stretch

(Q) What you can't live without: (A) Being true to myself

(Q) Who is your box buddy? (A) Attendees of the 7:30 PM!!

Coaches Comments:

Coach Christine raves, "She pushes herself in class and has a bright and cheerful demeanor. I love watching her improve and seeing her confidence build with each accomplishment. She tests her limits and surprises herself constantly with what she can achieve!"

Coach Jess adds, "Makeda is a force to be reckoned with on the rower. I’ve watched her slide a rower slowly across the gym floor with the force of her pulls. Even when she’s being a beast she always has a great attitude. She’s smart about how she attacks a workout and is always pushing herself. I love working out and coaching Makeda because of her great attitude and sharp wit. When in doubt, I know she’ll have me laughing by the end of class. Great job, girl!"

"Makeda is always a joy to have in class! She is always ready to work hard and will take on whatever task you put in front of her! She is an upbeat and uplifting member of our community! She works hard and encourages those around her to push hard as well!" Echos Coach Mary


18 Min AMRAP

250m Row

6 Bench Press (135/ 95)

9 KBS (2 pd/ 1.5 pd)

12 Wall Balls (20/ 14)