Athlete of the Month: February 2018

Melody Koenig: February 2018 Member of the Month

february member of the month - version one.jpg

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

Melody is the perfect example of getting over the prejudice of CrossFit, taking it one step at a time and working towards one's goals of just being healthier. We've watched Melody make so much progress and come so far in her journey and couldn't be more proud of her. She embodies the spirit of universal scalability of CrossFit and the attitude to give something new a try and making the best of everything in front of her. Her bubbliness makes her an extremely enjoyable individual to be around as well!


Some fun facts about Melody:

How long have you been at Caffeinated CrossFit?  More than a year (not sure exactly)

What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit?  Pottery, Reading, Volunteering

What is your favorite and least favorite movements or WODs? (please list at least 4-5 favorite movements)  Favorites - Deadlifts, Back Squats, Strict Presses, Lunges;  Least Fav's:  BURPEES, Power Snatches, Knees to {Anything!}

What is your biggest achievement so far? To feel the satisfaction of finishing a WOD I thought there was no way I would complete!

What are your future goals?  Continue getting strong while eating better.

Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey?  Epson Salts ;-) and Don't give up!

Favorite Cheat Meal.  Chips and Dip

CrossFit Secret:  Get good Crossfit shoes.

On Rest Days:  It's all about family; church, dinners, movies, walks.

What you can't live without:  Water bottle!

Who is your box buddy?  Carol


Coaches Comments:

Coach Mary exclaims, "Melody brings fun, laughter and joy to every class she is in! She doesn’t always realize how strong she is until you just put weight on the barbell and tell her to lift it! She has come so far in her progress since starting CrossFit! Also she loves deadlifts and so do I!"

Coach Jess adds, "Melody’s smile and laughter are infectious. She’s always a joy to have in class! Without a doubt she gives 110% with whatever she takes on. Melody also isn’t afraid to be pushed and takes it all in stride. She’s a joy to have at the gym!"

Coach Mike comments, "Melody always comes and leaves with the best attitude. She is always giving her all and constantly praises and congratulates others on their accomplishments! Melody loves to have fun and is not afraid to show it."

"Melody always has a smile on her face. She is cheerful and helpful to everyone and takes feedback with a great attitude. She is a joy to coach and workout with!" remarks Coach Claire.

"Love having Melody in class. Her energy is great and always is smiling never mind how intense the workout is." Coach Kat says fondly.



10 Burpee buy in,

20 Min Amrap

20 Cal Bike

10 Deadlifts (185/ 135)

10 Strict Press (95/ 65)

10 OH Lunges (45/25)

10 Back Squats (95/ 65)