August 2018 Member Satisfaction Survey Results


We asked our members about their Caffeinated CrossFit experience.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete our survey sent out last month.

Here are the results of the survey along with our thoughts and how we plan to make Caffeinated CrossFit even better:

Question #1: How likely is it that you would recommend Caffeinated CrossFit to a friend or colleague?


Average Satisfaction: 8.5/10 where 10 means you are extremely likely to recommend us?

Thank you!

Question #2: What is the best thing about Caffeinated CrossFit?


1. Community!

2. Good Coaching

3. Class times (distant third)

We see that community and good coaching are the most important factors you consider when choosing us or any gym.

Our coaches are constantly striving to improve, we hold monthly coaches meetings, share videos for training tips, and run "coach the coaches" weekend sessions. During those meetings we determine a goal every month to focus on improving areas we realize we need to work on. For example, planning more time for mobility, doing a better job scaling workouts to challenge each athlete, and focusing on including everyone in the classes through games/ice breakers (to name a few). We are also going to review your coaches survey results and brainstorm more ideas to improve our coaching!

To strengthen community, we will continue to host monthly challenges, monthly cookouts/volunteer/lake days, award athlete's of the month, and we also have our monthly newsletters to promote our events! We love the Caffeinated Community and we love to watch it grow and thrive.

Question #3: How would you rate the cleanliness of Caffeinated CrossFit? 


Majority Above Average

We have our cleaning schedules for equipment, floors and bathrooms. These are still being signed off on and the staff is also more aware to spot clean if there are big messes. There are some things we're not going to be able to help, such as the building being old and we don't have the funds to rebuild the bathrooms to higher standards than what they are now. 

Any extra help cleaning up after yourselves while working out is highly appreciated as well!! We are hoping to lead by example and help each other put equipment away as well as help each other clean up so that we can all work out in a great, clean environment!


Question #4: What do the staff at Caffeinated CrossFit do well?

I love the community and the friendships I have developed.

Be awesome

Building relationships, keeping people motivated during class.

The staff makes everyone who walks through the door feel welcomed

They do great at enforcing correct form

Making that workout for individual fitness level

Some coaches do a really good job explaining movements, why we do certain things, and pointing out things we do well as well as things we need to work on.

They listen to my goals and help me get there. They always encourage me to put the time in to get to where I want to be!


Encouragement, maintaining facility

I love the attention to safety

Great coaching & better results

Include everyone at all levels

I like the encouragement and that I have someone checking in on me if I am not there for awhile

Most things

make sure we don't hurt ourselves

Keep classes on time, encourage everyone to get to know each other, push you when you need to be pushed

Feel welcome and comfortable building up to rx movements and weights.


Getting this sort of feedback reinforces us to do better everyday in what we already do well. Thank you all for giving us a boost in our spirits!!

Question #5: What could the staff at Caffeinated CrossFit do better?

As we grow, the classes get larger and it is hard to help out and check on each person in the class. There isn't much that individual coaches can do when there are so many of us, but we might be getting to a point that we need multiple coachers.

Continue to provide feedback and coach through the workout.

Nothing I can think of


Be more enthusiastic in classes

I feel that a certain coach could have just a little bit more attention to detail. I believe she is a good coach but is easily distracted by her phone and puppies.

Include the shy a little more

More explanation around programming and what we’re focusing on when and why. What strength cycles we’re in.

More direct coaching on form, potentially video of reps to give more extensive feedback

Everything’s good


if saying a correction one way doesn't work for you make an effort to figure out a way to say it to you that does make sense and don't just say the same thing over and over

Just continue to keep an understanding that not all people have time outside of the gym to “work on” additional stretching or moves.


More Longer WODs

Not all but some could do better at giving solid instruction (breaking down the lifts, giving tips, emphasizing hook group, burgener warm up), coaching/motivating during the wod, focusing on athletes and their development - old and new. I've noticed some instances where someone's form may be off during strength but it isn't noticed until near the end of the workout with the same movement. With classes so small, I'm not sure how this happens other than lack of attention. Again, this is NOT across the board. Also, if athletes are still working, coaches should lead by example and continue cheering that person on.

I’d like to see a more concentrated warm up on what the workout is. If we’re lifting, let’s do a barbell warm up and not just jump on the rowers or something. I’d rather warm up the movements with some accessory work.

 Even though we like warm and fuzzies, these comments are even more important to us and will help us become better coaches, keeping us from getting complacent. Basic business management training says that if someone says something, more than one person is thinking it. Hopefully we have fostered a deeper relationship with all of you guys so that if there is something that we can improve upon that can help you become more successful, we can openly talk about it and we can address what we are doing inadequately as a coaching staff. 

Question #6: If you could change one thing about Caffeinated CrossFit, what would it be?

Overall I love it

 More class times

I think there are some cool resources in the gym like the wall that displays everyone's max reps and the bell for when people get a new max, but it seems like we haven't been really keeping up with those things lately. Those small encouragements can be that extra little push that we need.

Potentially more younger people?

More morning classes

Ensuring all coaches are on the same page and display consistency

Burn the assault bikes to the ground.

A/C. I know it won’t happen, but want to put it out there anyway

Help us start newer harder movements that we are scared to start. Eg climb a rope

Inside facility paint make cover

Add a 3:30 class



Kid’s room

No more assault bike... jk!!


We will look into every single one of these that we can help... except the bikes, those are here to stay. 😊 

Structural items:  (AC/Heat/ Showers) not only takes a lot of capital, but also needs the landlord's permission to do as well as very structure dependent (again, old building, not insulated, etc). At this time, we are still not planning on adding showers, AC/ Heat. 

Scheduling items: If there is enough demand, we will change up the schedule and give it a trial period to see how everyone responds to it. So if you really want the class times to change, come talk to us so we know, and we will analyze and restructure the class times as needed!

Question #7: Any other feedback or recommendations to help make CCF a better place to workout and be a part of?

Keeping kicking ass.

I love Caffeinated Crossfit family!!

Yoga or mobility class in the back room?

Great community, I love the amount of get togethers offered. Also awesome to see how much the community supported each other with the recent passing of our beloved Rodrigo.

Love y’all!

I strongly think coaching needs special attention. Some coaches are very structured and make incredibly use of their time and knowledge while other(s) are fairly lackadaisical. This can cause clients to drop out or, potentially worse, injure themselves. I'd potentially due random reviews of coaches and offer special training where needed.

Nope, I love it!

There have been a few members that push the lines of encouragement v. making fun of people. Most of the time, members encourage each other to try and be better, but I have noticed that there have been some comments like "that is ALL you can lift??" "you don't push yourself enough thats why you are weak" or various forms of i am better than you. If coaches hear these things, it would be really helpful to call people out on it and make it stop. When you are on the receiving end of it in the middle of the work out it can be kind of defeating and its hard to call people out yourself. Again, it hasn't become part of the culture of the gym but it has been enough to kinda call it out before it becomes a bigger problem.

more games and maybe newer coaches how to better interactive with members. some too creative almost awkward at times some don't communicate at all.

I love it!

I like that Kelsey was added as a trainer. I feel that she makes a larger emphasis on stretching and techniques, which has helped me out. I think taking more time in this area would be a good thing across the board.

Sometimes coaches get too comfortable with the athletes and forget to actually coach them during class. Class can be going and the coach is talking to other members who aren’t working out currently, checking their phones or playing with the pups. While I’m getting a good workout in, I am not getting better at movements. Even athletes who have been doing crossfit for a while still need to be coached and there are always other tips and tricks to learn.

I'd like to see a later morning class option.

We're going to keep doing our best to help everyone achieve their respective goals and reasons for being a part of our gym. Even though this form helps us get information on where we can improve or where we've slipped, we hope you guys will actively talk to us about anything else we can do to help make your journey successful!

See you guys in the gym! 

Once again, thank you so much for all the responses and for being part of the Caffeinated CrossFit community!

-Christine, Way Joe, and Coaching Staff