Athlete of the Month: January 2018


Matt Dillard: January 2018 Member of the Month

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Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

Matt walked into our gym January 2016 and has been with us ever since. We've watched Matt push his limits and start to do things he wasn't able to do when he first joined. We are extremely proud of how much mental grit Matt has put forth and his heavy emphasis on family values reminds us daily why we are doing what we do every day. 


Some fun facts about Matt:


(Q) Age (A)  52

(Q) How long have you been at Caffeinated CrossFit? (A) For 144 WODs. Each WOD is an accomplishment, so I keep track of these things.

(Q) What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? (A)  There is life outside of CrossFit?! More seriously, CrossFit is an occasional break from my full-time occupation with the family. Fortunately the children are getting more self sufficient and allowing us to do more than just going to swing in the park.

(Q) What is your biggest achievement so far? (A) Working my way up to Rx level in many CrossFit movements (TTBs, KBs, pull ups). I am still mastering the gymnastic trinity: the bar muscle up, the ring muscle up, and the handstand push up.

And showing up. At my age, continuing to show up is a real accomplishment.

(Q) What are your future goals? (A) Defy aging. Stay healthy.

(Q) Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? (A)  At first, I did not appreciate how mentally challenging CrossFit can be. So as part of the CrossFit starter kit, develop mental toughness. For example, don’t be discouraged by a seemingly impossible number of reps in any workout. You will get through it and you will be better for the effort.

(Q) Favorite Cheat Meal. (A) A burrito bowl from Willie’s, double meat spicy chicken and tofu, rice and black beans, with guacamole, cheese, salsa, black olives, cilantro, and cole slaw.

(Q) CrossFit Secret (A) It’s a cult and we don’t care that it’s a cult.

(Q) On Rest Days: (A)  I work at a desk. That is ample rest.

(Q) What you can't live without: (A) Jillian, Daisy, and Henry.

(Q) Who is your box buddy? (A) My box buddies are Coach Mary, Gal Gadot, and Brooke Ence.


Coaches Comments:


"I love having Matt in class either when I’m coaching or when I’m working out. Whether it’s getting in to the gym 100 times in a year, or working towards his handstand push ups, Matt always has a goal he’s working towards. I love how Matt always has a great attitude and a smile for everyone who comes in. Well deserved!" ~ Coach Jess


"Matt is an incredible part of our Caffeinated community! He is always setting goals and achieving them! Even though he has kids and travels some he doesn’t let that stop him from getting to the gym! He keeps a great track record of all his lifetime PRs and is always moving forward in his goals! I love having Matt in class!"~ Coach Mary


"Matt always comes to class prepared and ready to work, often showing up early to warm up and work on his weaknesses. He is dedicated and puts in the time and effort to be successful. He's a great addition to class by being supportive of his classmates and being very coachable." ~Coach Claire


"Matt is always has a great attitude when he comes to the gym! He is super dedicated and always willing to improve himself and encourage others."~ Coach Mike


"Matt Dillard"


20 Min Amrap


1 Burpee buy in


6 D-balls (100/70)


4 Pullups

3 Ring Dips

2 Wall Walks

1 Rope Climbs