Nutrition Winners Announced!

What a hoot! Look at these fine owls!

Our 2017 Fall Flex Diet Nutrition Challenge results are in…

1st: Sahil Bhosale



Sahil lost 5 pounds in our 32 day challenge! He lost 8 pounds or 3.5% of his body weight in fat and gained 3 pounds in muscle, for a 2nd overall highest percentage fat loss of the challengers. He improved on his baseline score from 6:49 to 6:02 or an 11% increase in workout capacity and got a 40# increase in his front squat max. His food score was up with the best at a 31 out of a perfect 32 point score and he met his goal of 4 times per week by smashing it at 22 days of workouts in August.  Great job Sahil!


2nd: Richard McAllister



Always up for a challenge, it is no surprise that Mr. McAllister is up in the rankings. This challenge he accomplished a 10# increase in his front squat (which speaks volumes to his wrist mobility/strength improvement) and a 10 second or 4% improvement in workout capacity. His body fat went from 14.9% to an impressive 10.9% and he worked out an astounding 55 times in August (with a goal of 10 times per week). Congratulations Richard!


3rd: Laura Lutgen



Laura crushed her workout goal by coming in 24 times in August compared to her goal of 4 times per week. She stayed on track with 28 out of a possible 32 food point in the challenge. In addition, she lost 5.4 pounds of fat and a total of 9.2 pounds during the 32 day challenge. With a 5# improvement in her front squat and almost a 1 minute decrease in her baseline time, she is well on her way to getting stronger, faster, and more fit!


Honorable Mentions:

Hans Heinmiller: Increased his front squat by 40# and his baseline workout time from 8:13 to 7:04!

Heather Tuggle: Increased her front squat by 20# and her baseline from 6:30 to 5:14, 19% in both cases! She also killed her workout goal of 4 times per week with 22 workouts in August.

Sheffina and Makeda: Scored a perfect 32 on their food points for the challenge!

Jessica Dahn: Crushed her workout goal of 5 times per week with an amazing 26 WODs!


What did they Win?

1st: $100 cash, 1 Caffeinated Shirt, 1 Caffeinated Mug, 1 Muscle Massage Roller Stick, 1 Resistance Stretch Band

2nd: $75 cash, 1 Caffeinated Shirt, 1 Caffeinated Mug, 1 Resistance Stretch Band

3rd: $50 cash, 1 Caffeinated Shirt, 1 Caffeinated Mug


Thank you for joining us in our quest to lead healthier lifestyles! We hope you join us in our next challenge and continue to eat healthy!