Push Ups/Air Squats/Tuck Crunches/Burpees/Supermans


Caffeinated CrossFit Gym, Smyrna, Georgia

Pull Ups

Pull Ups

In 2 teams:

5 x 3 Min Rounds 1 Min Rest

Round 1: 7 Push Ups

Round 2: 7 Jumping Air Squats

Round 3: 7 Tuck Crunches

Round 4: 3 Burpees

Round 5: 7 Supermans

* Try to get more weights to other team’s side of the gym. Carrying up to 2 weights at a time. (KB, WB, etc) Must complete requires reps before making the carry each time. For example: 3-2-1-Go on round 1, athlete must complete