Jessica Dahn

Jessica Dahn March 2017 Member of the Month

Jessica Dahn March 2017 Member of the Month

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

We are happy to announce Jessica Dahn as our March Member of the Month! She has been an enthusiastic and keystone owl in the squad for a year and a half and going strong. Jess, or “KB”, (a nickname bestowed by fellow owl Patrick for a knee brace she used to wear during workouts) is an original gangster with CCF. She joined the owl squad a year and a half ago and has been setting trends and kicking butt since.

In the past year, she has organized multiple 5ks for gym, including ordering matching shirts for team events. She has gotten her first rope climb and pull up, and hit PRs in almost every lift! Not to mention, she has gotten the whole gym saying the phrase, “It’s gonna be great!”when referring to a tough obstacle (or workout) to overcome.

Some Fun Facts about Jess:

(Q) What is your favorite and least favorite movements or WODs?

(A) Least favorite movements: Bear crawls, burpees, weighted lunges, thrusters, assault bike, wall balls

Favorite: Snatches, box jumps, jump rope, shuttle run, partner deadlift, sit-ups

(Q) Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey?

(A) There will always be a workout where at some point you question why the hell you're putting yourself through this. We all have our reasons for starting CrossFit and it's important to keep those reasons in mind. Our goals are what keep us striving to be a better us for both ourselves and our families. It's okay if you don't know what you want other than to be healthier ("not dying" is on my goal card); what's important is that you don't quit on yourself because no one other than you can accomplish what you're working towards. 

(Q) Who is your box buddy?

(A) Sabrina is the Waldorf to my Statler. 

Pluto is the mini horse that pulls me through 800m runs (when we don't miss the 800m mark). 

Austin will always be my Pistachio. 

Nerissa, Sheffina, Heather, Rodrigo, Matt, Kyle, Luke, Mike V, Nicole, Patrick, Richard - there's too many to name! I honestly love working out with everyone at Caffeinated CrossFit and look forward to seeing what mix of friends I'll get to survive the workout with that day! 

(Q) What is your biggest achievement so far?

(A) Pull ups! My entire childhood the pull ups portion of the Presidential Fitness Test kept me from getting that award (I was quite bitter). I finally did my first one last year, and now I'm starting to string them together in workouts.

(Q) What are your future goals?

(A) Working on getting my handstand this month! I would also like to get my 1 rep snatch up to 100# by August, and this may be the year I hit 200# with my backsquat!

Oh, also, not dying!

(Q) What you can't live without:

(A) The couch, my cat, and a binge session of something on TV. 

The coaches only have great things to say as well!

"She has a great attention to detail and genuinely cares about each person at the gym. When she faces a challenge, she goes all in, leaving nothing on the table, whether it is donuts, or a team spirit point leader during FNL." Coach Christine comments.

Coach Way Joe adds, "Jess is one our OGs who's incredibly supportive of everyone in the gym. Always has a smile on her face and trucks through whatever speed bumps we throw at her. From first rope climbs, to pull ups, to handstand holds and losing weight, she retains coaching tips and applies them over time to get where she wants to go; even if she has a tendency to look for ways around the "rules"... "

"Jess is a positive presence at the gym. Even though she tries to get out of burpees and bear crawls she is always working toward meeting a new goal. She is always available to help assist and encourage other members." Coach Mary raves.

Coach Luke comments, "Jess is always at the gym. Whether it's participating in a gym sponsored event, working out or just socializing, you can always rely on seeing Jess and know you'll get a happy smile or supportive cheer."

Jess (WOD for 4/9/17):

In Partners: Teams of 2 Face Off

Spend 12 min to work up to a 1 Rep Max Partner Deadlift.

Then…Teams of 2 Face Off

EMOM 16:

Odds: 15 Sit Ups

Evens: 6x 50 Ft Shuttle Run

Score: Number of Double Under (2:1 singles) per team.

Lets say team 1: athlete a and athlete b, team 2: athlete c and athlete d. At 3-2- 1-Go, athlete a and athlete c will start shuttle sprints. Athlete b and athlete d will do max double unders. The opposing team’s athlete (a or c), will stop the double unders for the opposite team. On the second minute, athlete b and athlete d will do 15 sit ups, while athlete a and athlete c do max double unders. The opposing team’s athlete (b or d), will stop the double unders for the opposite team. The goal is the do as many double unders as possible (and stop the opposite team for getting as many double unders by completing the work faster).