Athlete of the Month: November 2017

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Todd Sobry, July 2017 Member of the Month

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA. 

Todd is a trusty member of our lunch crew here at Caffeinated CrossFit. You can always count on seeing him at the lunch class, quietly but confidently chipping away at the work put in front of him. He makes the extra effort to stretch for his "short runs" and applies the fitness he achieves at the gym, outside the gym by being active with hikes, kayaks and outdoor activities. Watching him being able to apply the fitness and healthy lifestyles makes the coaching staff at Caffeinated CrossFit proud as it fully represents our goals of fighting decrepitude. 


Some fun facts about Todd:

 (Q) How long have you been at Caffeinated CrossFit? (A) 1.5 years?. 

(Q) What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? (A) Travel, bike, hike, real estat

(Q) What is your biggest achievement so far? (A) Double unders, deadlift

(Q) What are your future goals? (A) Bench press my weight. Top 5 on Everest Hill

(Q) Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? (A) As intimidating and hard as it seems at first, stick with it and you will see results!! [DON'T LOOK AT THE WOD BEFORE YOU GO TO THE GYM!!

(Q) Who is your box buddy? (A) Cassander Vines!!

(Q) CrossFit Secret. (A) Metal head

(Q) Favorite Cheat Meal. (A) Pizza!!

Coaches Comments:


"Todd is a staple of the noon class. Crushing the metcons and tackling the strength portion of the workout, he is a great example of a specialist (consistent runner) that also takes advantage of all the benefits CrossFit can offer. He works hard and gets it done!" ~ Coach Christine


"Todd is the man! My faithful noon class friend! I am always so impressed with his running skills but also his willingness to try new things! He is always working hard right there along with his noon class buddies! And he LOVES stretching his hamstrings after class lol!" ~ Coach Mary

Todd S.

30/ 24 Calories Assault Bike

20 GHD 

20 KBS (2 pd/ 1.5 pd)

50 DU

15 GHD

15 KBS (2 pd/ 1.5 pd)

50 DU

10 GHD

10 KBS (2 pd/ 1.5 pd)

50 DU


5 KBS (2 pd/ 1.5 pd)

50 DU

60 Calorie Row

15 Air Squats