October 2017 Member Satisfaction Survey Results

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smryna, GA

We asked our members about their Caffeinated CrossFit experience.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete our survey sent out last month.

Here are the results of the survey along with our thoughts and how we plan to make Caffeinated CrossFit even better:

Question #1: How likely is it that you would recommend Caffeinated CrossFit to a friend or colleague?

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Average Satisfaction: 8.9/10 where 10 means you are extremely likely to recommend us?

Thank you!

Question #2: What is the best thing about Caffeinated CrossFit?

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1. Good Coaching

2. Community!

3. Class times (distant third)

We see that good coaching and community are the most important factors you consider when choosing us or any gym.

Our coaches are constantly striving to improve, we hold monthly coaches meetings, share videos for training tips and run "coach the coaches" weekend sessions.

To continue to community, we host monthly challenges, monthly cookouts, award athlete's of the month, and we also have our monthly newsletters to promote our events! We love the Caffeinated Community and we love to watch it grow and thrive. Don't forget to sign up for WOD WARs!

Question #3: How would you rate the cleanliness of Caffeinated CrossFit?

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Majority Above Average

We have our cleaning schedules for equipment, floors and bathrooms. These are still being signed off on and the staff is also more aware to spot clean if there are big messes. There are some things we're not going to be able to help, such as the building being old and we don't have the funds to rebuild the bathrooms to higher standards than what they are now. 

Any extra help cleaning up after yourselves while working out is highly appreciated as well!! We are hoping to lead by example and help each other put equipment away as well as help each other clean up so that we can all work out in a great, clean environment!


Question #4: What do the staff at Caffeinated CrossFit do well?

Getting better at modifying crazy metcons so that we can actually feel accomplished
provide moral and other support during class
Make me feel part of the family. Coach to all levels
They focus on the needs and goals of each athlete.
Start on time, program challenging workouts, cap class sizes
Everything. Legit - Everything.
Great coaching
They are all hard workers. Makes for good coaches.
encouragement, welcoming, fun
Good a motivating, following up with folks 1-1 to add a personal touch
Very motivational and encouraging
The fundamental movement reminder before each strength training is awesome. It's not skipped even when seasoned CF'ers are in the class.
Remaining engaged with all athletes. It doesn't feel 'clickish'.
Motivation and making sure proper form for every motion. Do not want an injury!
Encourage, push for next level, training on form
its hard because every coach is different in the way they do things. but i think every one does a constant job moving around and working\observing with all people athletes
Work within your boundaries and help modify, up or down, when needed. They really understand what I need for success.
Our coaches care about our safety above all else. They give great feedback and know when to push me and when to stop me to correct something.
They do a great job explaining things so you feel comfortable with the exercise.
one on one attention during big classes. I always feel super supported.
Motivate and feedback. Making you feel like you belong.
Motivate and help with explaining correct form
Very good at motivating and modifying when needed
Encourage and make sure we have correct technique
The individual coaching you recieve and modifications needed to make the WOD work best for you.

Getting this sort of feedback reinforces us to do better everyday in what we already do well. Thank you guys for giving us a boost in our spirits!!

Question #5: What could the staff at Caffeinated CrossFit do better?

Timing. Sometimes there's a long strength and a long metcon. Then there's no time left and coaches forget to give a cool down so they can start the next class
keep being positive and supportive to members
Continue to learn and teach progressions for advanced movements.
More of the same
Transition more quickly from warm up to strength to WOD; particularly in morning classes
Now nothing I just ❤️ all the staff
Don't be afraid to light a fire under that ass if it ain't moving.
The programming seems a bit less intense than other CF boxes. Consider raising the intensity a notch or two.
more technical instruction of oly lifts
Nothing at this time
Nothing that I can think of.
The staff is great, but when the group knows each other so well they get distracted and talk loudly over instruction for newer members. I think it's on the community that we need to focus on the coaches when they speak.
I really like it when the staff encourages all kinds of stretching at the end of the class.
be more honest with results. i get always positive and praise better then you suck but i think some people do need to be pushed sometimes. also learning more of the Technics on teaching people how to do things. I see research being done and feedback given btu i think working with coaches on this weekly to build their toolbox would be really good.
A little more personal attention. Lookout for injuries
I'm not sure I can add anything here. Well done.
Better disposal of the assault bikes. Their numbers seem to be increasing instead of decreasing
I can't think of anything right now.
Can we get Mary a new playlist lol
I wish I could get critiques after finishing a set (unless I am doing something really dangerous). Sometimes I get frustrated when I am in the middle of doing reps and I am told to do something differently because I am in the zone and sometimes cannot hear over the music.
Push us harder
I am extremely happy with the staff and can't think of a thing that would need to change with the coaching.

Even though we like warm and fuzzies, these comments are even more important to us and will help us become better coaches, keeping us from getting complacent. Basic business management training says that if someone says something, more than one person is thinking it. Hopefully we have fostered a deeper relationship with all of you guys so that if there is something that we can improve upon that can help you become more successful, we can openly talk about it and we can address what we are doing inadequately as a coaching staff. 

 (Those assault bikes aren't going anywhere, nice try...)

Question #6: If you could change one thing about Caffeinated CrossFit, what would it be?

Bathrooms need a lot of help
Get rid of the bikes ;)
No burpees?? jk... oy... can't think of anything.
Don't go changing
I wish I had discovered Caffeinated sooner
See above comment on programming.
Nothing at this time
The location! It's close to my work which is great but I wish it was closer to where I lived! ( 30 min drive away )
Nothing; you are awesome!
more single women and a candy bucket i mean its October where is it at lol
Cant think of anything
I would hold a class between 6:AM and noon. Maybe a 9:00.
There are times when the gym feels a bit cliquey.
7:00am classes! 6:00am is a little too early for me, but I think I would be more consistent if there was another morning option.
More open gym if possible
Seriously nothing
Making sure there is time to stretch at the end of every workout.
Clean the fridge more often (I got it!), and more Way Joe

We will look into every single one of these that we can help... except the bikes and burpees. 

Structural items:  (AC/Heat/ Showers) not only takes a lot of capital, but also needs the landlord's permission to do as well as very structure dependent (again, old building, not insulated, etc). At this time, we are still not planning on adding showers, AC/ Heat. 

Scheduling items: If there is enough demand, we will change up the schedule and give it a trial period to see how everyone responds to it. So if you really want the class times to change, come talk to us so we know, and we will analyze and restructure the class times as needed! This comment also extends to the open gym suggestion.

Question #7: Any other feedback or recommendations to help make CCF a better place to workout and be a part of?

It can be hard with two coaches in the class. Not like when they divide the class up but when one coach is taking the class as a member. I want the one actually coaching to give me feedback since they're in charge. Also, on running days, can we not have dogs blocking the entrance? They're sweet but having to navigate through them gets annoying.
Keep being welcoming to all levels of fitness
Add weightlifting and mobility sessions
Get a ski erg!
Love it - thanks so much
For me right now I think CCF is awesome ❤️ the Programming, the monthly challenges , the members, the coaching staff ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I enjoy the monthly get togethers. Maybe look at doing more options. Go-karting, baseball games, bar night. You get the idea.
Keep up the good work, I go to a lot of other CF gyms around the country and get to see different facilities and cultures. I still think we have the best gym out there!
Day care would give me more flex ability to get there
I'm loving it!
Nope, I love working out here. :)
Just keep up the good work!
more games for warm ups and new games. everyone loves games. overall you guys do a very good job and now with also working full time job not much seems to be slipping if anything and i think that really shows a lot to how you built things.
If more coaches could ask the class what music they’d like to listen that would be fun! I don’t like going all out on the assault bike for a warm up. Going from mostly stagnant to sprinting on that is really hard and I feel exhausted going into the workout.
I think getting your name out there more. When I tell my coworkers nobody seems to know where your located and or have heard of you.
I really love our community and really thankful to have found an amazing group of people!
A shower!
No! I love it.
I have a lot of fun here, and I am happy to have found such a great gym near me.
The moment I walk in the door at CCF I feel welcome and like it is home. The workout is always challenging but doable. The coaching is great and indivualilzed for my ability. I love it here!!!
Love you guys!

We're going to keep doing our best to help everyone achieve their respective goals. Even though this form helps us get information on where we can improve or where we've slipped, we hope you guys will actively talk to us about anything else we can do to help make your journey successful!

See you guys in the gym! 

Once again, thank you so much for all the responses and for being part of the Caffeinated CrossFit community!

-Christine, Way Joe, and Coaching Staff