Athlete of the month: October 2017

Opal Anderson

Opal Anderson

Opal Anderson

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

Opal joined our the Caffeinated Family August of 2015. We've been so proud to watch Opal pick up the functional movements so well and learning to many new things that her body can do! We can always count on Opal bringing her kids to events such as cookouts or Halloween pumpkin carving and hiking trips. They make everything so much more enjoyable. Watching her be the role model for her children to be active and healthy is part of what our community is about and we are extremely thankful and proud that we can be a part of that.  


Some fun facts about Opal:


(Q) What is your biggest achievement so far?  (A) I voluntarily completed 3 miles of running in September! Thanks for encouraging that with the September goals Christine :)

(Q) What are your future goals? (A) Crossfit related or…? Okay - retrain myself to do a real pull up again andRX a WOD in 2018.

(Q) Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? (A) Make today better than yesterday - use yourself as the marker and if the coach says you can lift more ehh, that's about right. 

(Q) Favorite Cheat Meal. (A) Any Thai curry chicken dish

(Q) CrossFit Secret - (A) I close my eyes all the time during a WOD (cannot afford to see Christine finish in 2 minutes what I am struggling to do in 10 LOL)

(Q) On Rest Days (A) I hope that the WOD I am missing is a killer but will be nice and friendly  tomorrow - HAHA, never happens but I wish! 

(Q) What you can't live without: (A) A good laugh and technology - TED Talks, podcasts, Instagram, Tumblr, videos, music, great Jamaican food - rum cake, fried plantains - let me stop there. 

(Q) Who is your box buddy? (A) Oh Mary :)

Coaches Comments:

"I love when Opal comes in for one of my classes! She always has an amazing attitude and is always willing to push herself. Sometimes you have to lie to her about how much weight is on the bar, but she picks it up and laughs about it afterwards with you. I always love seeing what color her hair is going to be during the summer, and working out with her! Love you, Opal!" ~Coach Jess

"Opal is SO awesome! She shows up to every class with a smile, full of joy, and ready to work hard! Opal gives 100% effort during every workout no matter what! And if she doesn't know how much weight is on the bar she'll crush it and get a PR haha." ~Coach Mary

"Opal loves to have fun and always has a positive attitude during workouts. She constantly pushed herself to break boundaries and encourages others around her to do the same." Coach Mike

"Opal always has a good attitude and tries everything she's asked to do, even when she doesn't think she can do it! She is encouraging and fun to have in class, as a coach as well as a participant." Coach Claire



Bodyweight Deadlifts
Bodyweight Bench