10 Quick Stretches for Those Extra Stiff Days

I’m a big fan of getting up and going so let’s make this intro nice and short. We have days where we feel less agile than others. For those days, here are a few short stretches can get you limber and prepared for whatever life throws at you. (Driving, walking the dog, running to catch the bus, helping a friend move furniture, lift your child up to play, to name a few) First you’ll need, a wall and a floor nearby. Check? Okay, let’s get started!

1)      Couch Stretch


a.       For leg being stretched, knee up near the wall, back foot vertical

b.      Opposite knee popped out front

c.       Femur in line with body

d.      Squeeze butt and get active hip into extension


2)      Leg Swings


a.       Hold onto something so don’t fall

b.      Don’t arch your back as you swing back


3)      Pigeon Pose


a.       Hips square to front of room

b.      Bring heel closer to body to make it easier

c.       Drop to forearms to floor to increase stretch


4)      Samson Stretch

a.       Drive Hips Forward

b.      Reach up to Sky


5)      Spiderman to reach


a.       Elbow of arm on the side of the front knee toward instep of our foot

b.      Slowly reach up to the sky and open up the chest


6)      Scorpion Stretch


a.       Arms out to the side

b.      Reach leg up and over towards opposite hand


7)      Dive Bomber


a.       Drive into heels and press ground away from you with hands at the top

b.      Graze the ground as you “dive” forward

c.       Thighs don’t touch ground at the bottom


8)      Lat Stretches Against Wall

                        a.      Push chest between arms

                        b.     Hips back and away from wall

9)      Knee Hug

Hug Knees to Chest

Hug Knees to Chest

Walk feet out while still keeping knees to chest

Walk feet out while still keeping knees to chest


a.       Keep chest in contact with thighs

b.      Round Shoulder over your legs


10)   Leg Across Body