Thanksgiving! Gym Closed


Workout at Home:

20 rounds:
5 push ups
5 squats
5 sit ups

As we come up on the holiday that encourages us to reflect on all we are thankful for, I wanted to take a moment to let you all know how thankful Way Joe and I are for you all in our lives. When we started a year and a half ago with zero members, we wanted to create a community at caffeinated where people smiled when they walked in the door because they were happy to be there and they knew we were happy to see them. Where people came not just to work out, but to hang out and talk and laugh and destress from the day. (Even if that stress comes from complaining about burpees).

I still get excited whenever any of you walk up to that bay door and I can’t help but smile when you all smile while walking in. I love when Jess brings in candy (lets stick to Halloween only though), or Deborah leaves her kettlebell to share, or Rodrigo spends 3 hours every afternoon at the gym. To me it means that you all are open to the community and are (not to be lame) making our dreams come true. I know it is hard and sometimes you want to quit, but every time you stick to the workout, or come in after a long hiatus, we are so proud of you and thankful that we get to help you fitness another time.

It has been a long, and continuing journey and we are thankful to share it with you.


WODChristine Lee