Athlete of the Month: November 2016

Daniel Cash

Our November Member of the Month, Danny, has a positive attitude and smiling face. He is a great workout buddy, always encouraging others thru workouts and lifts. There is no wonder when asked “who is your box buddy?” on more than 3 of the athlete spotlights and member of the month questionnaires, the answer was “Danny Cash!”

Danny is a weekday 5:30 PM athlete but can also be seen on weekend workouts with his pup, Rufus. A soon-to-be dad, he is still keeping up his workout schedule while giving us that smiling face and good attitude during the workouts. Danny has been awarded athlete of the month for his team-oriented outlook to workouts.

“He is very easy to coach [takes feedback well].” Coach Claire comments “He has a great attitude and is very encouraging to his classmates. Plus, he is fun to talk to.”

Coach Mary adds, “He is a positive role model and a hard worker. Always a friendly presence in the gym!”

“Great taste in beer!” Coach Way Joe leads with, “And a ‘big brother’ figure to other, newer members.”

Short, sweet and to the point. All of our coaches agree on the reason for Danny’s member of the month nomination. Now, to work out and celebrate November’s Member of the Month!



In 10 Minutes:

Find a 1 RM Bench Press

-Rest 5 Minutes-



Bear Complex 155/105#

250 M Row between each set