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Torie D.

Weight Lost During Challenge:

Lost 7# of Fat (6% of total fat)

Benchmark workout percentage improvements:

15# increase in deadlift weight, 38% increase in Cindy rounds, :49 seconds lower time for a 2K row

Favorite Paleo Dish:

Curry Chicken and Sweet Potato


Torie’s Thoughts:


When the paleo challenge was presented at my gym I was very excited because I always wanted to try paleoo (even though I didn't know what it entailed). The transition to paleo has had its good and bad days. I was shocked by the restrictions of all the foods that you could not eat. I overall like a good challenge when it comes to eating healthy but I definitely had days where I craved simple things like cheese in my eggs or even can of soup. However I am excited to see what my result will be once the challenge ends.


During the paleo challenge I have had a couple of cravings, but the biggest craving I have had is for bread. I must admit I love my bread and it has been a struggle (sometimes I lost) to give it up during paleo. I also miss sweets such as a yo-yos and cupcakes. I can't say I have felt more energy by cutting sweets or bread out of my life. I know during those true moments of being hangry (hungry +angry) Iop questioned my sanity in doing this paleo diet. However once those moments pass I'm happy that I stuck overall to the paleo diet.


Paleo has been a cost saving measure in our budget due to limited options available to eat. Google was our best friend on this diet. Paleo forced us to be creative in regards to recipes and food that we cooked. I found a couple of good recipes that helped us feel fulfilled when we ate and helped to give me strength to last 31 days on this challenge. My favorite dish was a curry chicken and sweet potato. I have definitely found a couple of recipes that I will continue to cook even when the paleo diet has ended.

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