Think Caffeinated CrossFit's Not for You? Think Again!

I've never been one for gyms. I never grew up playing sports. I did have a brief stint with fitness boot camps in my late twenties, but I am not what you would call an athlete.

I have lived down the road from Caffeinated CrossFit for years. I remember seeing people running up and down the sidewalk and thinking that would never be for me: CrossFit was only for Navy Seals, football players and people who belonged in fitness competitions. I thought the workouts were all about pushing tires around and climbing up ropes. However, that couldn't be further from the truth (except for the tire and ropes part—there's a little bit of that).

So what got me in the door? Some really great coworkers, who have been going to their CrossFit gyms for years. They knew that being part of a group would motivate me to show up every day—and they were right! Knowing I am going to see the same faces every time, and that the coaches care about helping me to succeed has definitely played a HUGE role in getting me to work out on a regular basis.

If you're thinking about getting in shape, I would encourage you to come in and give it a try. As someone in my mid-thirties, who has some way to go before reaching my fitness goals, I feel entirely comfortable during the sessions. Modifications can be made to each workout, so you are able to build up as you go along. For those who are already in shape, don't worry—you'll have the chance to push yourself as well.

Basically, the scariest part is working up the courage to sign up for the first class. Once you jump over that hurdle, you're good to go.

Written by: Heather Tuggle, Member Since April 2016