Richard's End of Challenge Thoughts and Analysis

2750 calorie goal same as last week, splits; 30% proteins and fats 40% carbs. I Just kept with the same meal plans for the most part but Friday had a little deviation going out to dinner with some of the great people of Caffeinated. I was a little worried but knew I had some room in my macros and was able to pretty much him my numbers,  just going a little heavy on fats and little light in carbs. I did find this week I start to get very lazy and some nights had to eat some random stuff just to him my numbers also  eating out reminded me how great hamburgers were and I end up making them three days since Friday, Would have been 4 but I didn’t want all that fat before the benchmark workouts.  I tried to keep them cleaner using fat free cheese(never doing that again) and turkey bacon(it’s not the same). Might have not helped that I made two hamburgers at a time either. Workouts were pretty good all week, with exception of Sunday where I let the double-unders beat me, which killed my time and I ended up getting mad at myself for sucking.  In the last set I ended up pulling my scapula I think doing some super sloppy deadlifts. The one thing I will take for the challenge is making sure I eat consistently, I can’t eat 4k cal one day then the next eating 2k and think it’s not going to impact me. also I know I can just eat one cookie I don’t have to eat them all. having a cookie day is much more satisfying them have 5 at ones. Oh and there always a little heartier option.

As the contest comes to an end I hope I can maintain what I learned maintain this level of eating. I really think I can do this,  as I was not hungry, never hated what I had to eat and always could fit in a little something sweet if I wanted to. I could not have done it without the help and support of the members and staff at Caffeinated. I don’t know how they do it sometimes but everyone is so positive and the staff really goes above and beyond, I’m truly blessed to be a part of it.

Breakdown of gains.

I over achieved my goal on fat and weight hit my deadlift goal but fell short on the Filthy Fifty. I could make up excuses about me messing up and strict pressing vs push pressing:-P, but I’m happy with this challenge and think I did very well and still in disbelief on my fat loss.