Richard's Blog

Richard M.

Weight Lost During Challenge:

Lost 9# of fat (20% of total body fat)

Benchmark workout percentage improvements:

50# increase in back squat, 19% increase in Cindy rounds, :12 seconds lower time for a 2K row

Favorite Paleo Dish:

Jalapeno stuffed with dates and goat cheese

Richard’s Thoughts:

On commitment to doing the challenge, I really did not know much about paleo eating and was interested in learning more. My first instinct was that it would have negative impacts on my strength and be very hard to give up some of my staples (creamer, Rockstar, and cancer flavored water). However it has actually been pretty easy, I found many new foods which are healthy alternatives to what I was eating and never really had that hungry feeling like I have experienced with other cuts I have done. Diet, along with the workouts scheduled, have helped me to lose over 10 pounds and I see only positive impacts to strength and stamina. The best thing was feedback and support from the coaches and other members. Doing something like this in group really makes the difference and I appreciate being part of it. I look forward to the data points in the final week and hope I can do my part for the team.