Opal's Blog

Opal A.

Weight Lost During Challenge:

Lost 6# of fat (10% of total fat)

Benchmark workout percentage improvements:

10% increase in lifts, 17% increase in Cindy rounds, :43 second lower time for a 2K row

Favorite Paleo Dish:

Asian Cranberry Salad

Opal’s Thoughts:

Thoughts and cravings….

Paleo for beginners! Yup that’s me beginning Paleo or a modified version of Paleo.

I feel good. My clothes don’t fit - well some of them. And by that I mean they are loose or more comfortable than they were 4 weeks ago.

This is for 30 days but I know I will continue to eliminate some foods. I don’t miss rice nor pasta and some breads? Well they can stay at the bakery.

I only miss raisin bread of the Pepperidge Farm kind and Thomas’s cinnamon raisin bagels. Yea you get it I like raisins.

Darn I do miss Jamaican patties though and empanadas (Latin-American pastry with meat filling). The crust on those things are to die for.

I also miss a good slice of Jamaican rum (fruit) cake too. I had a serious craving for rum cake just before my birthday. A friend sent me a big one so I had to freeze it. No way Jose, I’m not going down (losing points) for some rum cake! It can wait because the after party will be sweet!

Last thing I miss is some Nestle sweetened condensed milk or any brand for that matter. Every time I see that thing in the refrigerator I have to walk away. I put that on everything, hot cereal, cold cereal, hot chocolate, cold chocolate, tea, bread, and vegetables juices or just eat a teaspoon for fun. It is that good! Well now I know I can live without all of them. I love the way I feel.