July Member Survey Results

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete our survey sent out last month.

Here are the results of the survey along with our thoughts and how we plan to make Caffeinated CrossFit even better:

9.4 out of 10 where 10 means you are extremely likely to recommend us? Thank you!

We see that coaching is still the  most important factor you consider when choosing us or any gym (this was the same top priority from the survey in February).

To continue to develop our team and keep everyone on the same page, we hold monthly coaches meetings, perform bi-annual reviews and reward bonuses, and require a 8 session coaches development program for new coaches.  We know if our team is happy, they will do their best, and we only want the best!

What do we do?

For the Equipment:

  • We have a cleaning schedule to be signed off on everyday ensuring the equipment is sanitized during every class.
  • We have a weekly cleaning checklist to wipe down all equipment.
  • We have a monthly maintenance scheduled to scrub down the bars, vacuum/oil up the rower, tighten bolts on the rig.

For the Floors:

  • We replace the mop bucket water, vacuum and scrub (with cleaning solution) the floors every week with industrial scrubber.
  • We have created a cleaning schedule to be signed off on everyday ensuring the floor is vacuumed/mopped down as needed between classes.

For the Bathrooms:

  • We have a cleaning schedule to be signed off on everyday ensuring the bathroom is wiped down, restocked, and cleaned 3-4 per week or more as needed.

When we read these at our last monthly coaches meeting, all the coaches got the warm fuzzies. Thank you for voicing this and reiterating our love for what we do and why we do it!

Even though we may not be able to accommodate all these great points and revelations, we now are aware of them and can work towards them!

We love hearing everything you have to say, no hill runs, CrossFit for dogs, and adding a pool are all great ideas! Unfortunately, we think hills are awesome, our pups don't have the attention span for a 5 minute CrossFit class, let alone an hour long session, and a pool would take away from hill runs. :)

Okay, renting a boat was a great idea, good thing we have a gym lake day coming up in response to that last comment!

Once again, thank you so much for all the responses and for being part of the Caffeinated CrossFit community!

-Christine and Way Joe Lee

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