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John S.

Weight Lost During Challenge:

Lost 15# of fat, gained 6# of muscles

Benchmark workout percentage improvements:

25% increase in lifts, 9.5% increase in Cindy rounds, 9% lower time for a 2K row

John’s Thoughts:

Where to begin, okay let me start with the good.

Wow, these 30 days have gone by fast and I am anxiously waiting to see everyone’s progress. On the personal side of things, I feel as though I have matured as it relates to managing expectations and listening.

How so you ask, well here is the short of it….

Maturity - Managing Expectations

As I am sure with many, the goal to lose weight can cause tunnel vision and with tunnel vision comes stupidity and disappointment. I walked into the gym August 19th with the goal of losing 146 pounds. Now I did not think I would lose all 146 pounds during this challenge; however, 25 pounds would be nice right? Wish someone would have talked to the scale, as changing from high protein to the higher carb approach sent my body into shock. The scale refused to budge and my motivation went down the drain quicker than an old man without Viagra. Luckily Sarah helped me get it back up, my motivation silly, and helped me to understand this challenge is about more than losing weight and involves about learning our bodies and what works and does not because we are not all the same.

So I scrapped the 25 pound goal and decided the scale may fail; now I have vowed to improve the other aspects of me.

Maturity - Listening

Due to the unfortunate illness of tunnel vision, I probably possess one of the hardest heads in the box. Jumped into this competition saying I am going to workout every day and burn 25 pounds like a BOSS. My body’s performance suffered tremendously and due to working out 7 consecutive days, as my energy levels were lower than 1980’s gas prices and my sleep pattern was off big time. Thanks to conversations with Way Joe, yes it took more than 1 time to sink in; I decided to dedicate at least 2 days per week to recovery.

Now my next situation was not due to being stubborn; however, I sustained an injury from pulling my body up the rope. Mind said yes we can and this is good work; however, my left shoulder did not enjoy the rope while still pursuing 146 pounds of weight loss.

Since I listened to Way Joe’s advice concerning rest, it was easy listening to Sarah when she said stop pushing myself on using the shoulder and give it time to heal. Sarah also made me perform painful stretches to strengthen and improve the range of motion every time she encountered me in the gym. While my shoulder is not 100% today, I feel like it has gone from 0% to at least 70% at this time and had I have done it my way and kept pushing I would probably missed valuable time improving my health.

Now bring on judgement day!