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Delight C.

Weight Lost During Challenge:

Lost 11# of fat in 30 days

Benchmark workout percentage improvements:

14% increase in lifts, 30% increase in Cindy rounds, :41 seconds lower time for a 2K row

Delight’s Thoughts:

The CrossFit Challenge

To hear those 2 words in the same sentence can be overwhelming to say the least…CrossFit…challenge. 30 days of giving it your best in the gym and changing the way you eat to create a better you sounds monumental; however, when you look at it as you are changing you and not anyone else you can see it is possible! Don’t get me wrong, there were days where salad dressing or those cookies were calling my name and it was tough! I had to remind myself that I was stronger than my cravings. When the craving became too much I reflected on what could be a good compromise and let myself have it. It isn’t about starving yourself or changing your food habits so drastically that you couldn’t sustain them over time. It is about weighing out each choice you make and deciding where you could make healthier ones. I’m a habitual “yo-yo” dieter so for me eating healthy is a daily choice. I wish I could be one of those girls who ate whatever and always looked good in workout pants, but I’m not. I make sure the pants are just loose enough and my shirt is long enough to cover it all.

Before I began this challenge I decided I would look at what I consumed in a day. When I looked it was ALARMING! I realized I drank too many sodas, ate too many carbs, and way too much sugar. No wonder I truly felt like crap all day, every day. My body LOVES those foods so it is always a real struggle to quit them. This challenge offered support from gym members and my coaches who were going through the same thing. The wonderful part came after a week you no longer thought you would DIE without a diet coke each day, you had more energy, and you wanted to get in the gym. It doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen.

Working out will never be 1st on my list of “fun things to do” but this box makes it worth getting up and going to the gym. It isn’t easy especially when you see yourself taking longer or lifting smaller weight than others or when I hear “you got this Delight or keep going Delight” I want to shrink so they can’t see me about to pass out. Everyone at Caffeinated has your back and wants to see you achieve your goals. I realize everyone says this about their box; however, this is the first place I’ve ever been where they support you along the way and see you already as a success by just showing up. The only thing that keeps me going through my workout is knowing that I’m not racing anyone but myself. There is only one person to beat each day and that is myself!!!

I don’t know if there will ever be a time I wouldn’t prefer a piece of cake over a piece of chicken or like a diet coke over water or rather sit at home on the couch watching tv over going to the gym. I just know after I miss the workout; I feel awful. After I eat that piece of cake, I feel great for a moment, but that food high goes away. Through this challenge I have seen what I can truly do each day when I set my mind to it, reminded myself what "clean eating" looks like and how good it makes me feel. I have been able to to reset my mindset, my food choices, and my attitude of myself in a supportive, encouraging environment. It isn’t easy, but it is DOABLE!