Athlete of the Month: September 2016

Garrick Brim

Coming in early to get in some extra stretches, hill sprints, or just mentally prepare for the workout, Garrick is a frequent 5:30 PM class attendee. Our September Member of the Month, Garrick Brim, is goal driven and motivated. Since he walked in the doors on in March, 2016, he has attended almost 100 classes with a weekly average of 3.5 classes! In addition to coming into the gym usually 4 mornings a week, does workouts outside the gym to work on his weaknesses and techniques.

He is his own biggest critic when it comes to the tough workouts at Caffeinated CrossFit. With his masters in statistics, he is constantly evaluating his performance during workouts and critiquing his own lifts. Despite his frustration with his impressive (but not quite so self-recognized) progress, he maintains his aggressive drive to constantly improve.

Garrick has been awarded Athlete on the Month because of his dedication to his workout routine and because he encourages others through their workout routine as well by his positive attitude and good example. He is always testing his limits and measuring his improvements in workouts and strength training goals.

All the Caffeinated coaches shared the same resounding praise:

Coach Mary comments, “Garrick is a lively and passionate member of the caffeinated CrossFit community. Garrick is consistent in getting his workouts is and he is always striving to reach his goals. He has a positive attitude and brings his great attitude to everyone else!”

Coach Way Joe adds, “Garrick makes a concerning amount of posts about Krispy Kreme... But he earns his Krispy Kremes by working hard in the gym. He never cheats himself off a rep or a movement he thinks he can't do, and he tries his best to get to the next milestone in his fitness journey every day. The strength he has built and skills he has learned over the time he's been with us has been done at an extremely impressive rate.”

“Garrick? Check!” Coach Christine exclaims, “He has such a good attitude and is constantly striving to do better and be better. He is not afraid to face his fears. When put on a boat when he has anxiety towards being in the water, he just straps on his lifejacket, grabs a beer and enjoys himself.”

Three cheers for Garrick, hip hip hooray! Let’s celebrate by doing his workout, Sunday, September 25th.


16 Min AMRAP

1 Clean and Jerk at 60% 1 RM

2 Bar Muscle Up

3 D-ball

2 Clean and Jerk Touch and Go at 60% 1 RM

2 Bar Muscle Up

3 D-ball

3 Clean and Jerk Touch and Go at 60% 1 RM

2 Bar Muscle Up

3 D-ball

…Increase by 1 Clean and Jerk Each Round