Athlete of the Month: May 2016

John Singleton

At the heart of every 6 AM class (except on Thursdays) is John. Our May Member of the Month, John Singleton, is as dedicated and motivated as they come. Since he walked in the doors on August 19th, 2015 with no prior CrossFit experience, he has attended over 130 classes with a weekly average of 3.5 classes! In addition to coming into the gym usually 4 mornings a week, he does supplemental strength work at home.

Even though we put him thru brutal personal training workouts with Christine he has stuck around. Not only that, he has stuck to his consistent workout routine and nutrition regimen. No matter the workout programmed, the weather, the stresses of work, he makes a priority out of his diet and work out time.

John has been awarded Athlete on the Month because he is dedicated to his workout routine and strives to keep others dedicated to their workout routine as well. He leads by example, never missing a morning, reaching out to his workout buddies when they committed to coming in and didn’t make it. He is always testing his limits and measuring his improvements in workouts and weight loss goals.

All the Caffeinated coaches shared the same resounding praise:

Coach Mary says, “His goals are really important to him. He is dedicated and pushes himself hard, even if he is on his own. He doesn’t complain and gets it done!”

Coach Christine’s shared her thoughts, “It’s so easy to forget all he has accomplished and all the obstacles he has overcome in the past 8 months because we always seem to take it aday at a time and push for improvements every day…His results are most impressive [95 lbs in 8 months], now if only we [or apparently just I *cough*Mary*cough*are we coaching the same John*cough*] could get him to quit complaining about the workouts.” J

Coach Charles remarks, “He is motivated and consistent. I remember on a workout with rowing and knee ups, he didn’t think there was any way he would finish the work every 3 minutes. He did it the first time, and then did it 6 more times. It was a hard push, but he didn’t give up.”

We will miss him when he moves to Austin at the end of this month! We will be doing John S. on Friday, May 13th.

John S.

20 Min AMRAP

10 Box Jumps 24/20

100 Jump Rope

E2MOM 100 M Row Sprint or 100 M Run Sprint