Athlete of the Month: March 2016

Sheffina Dorsey

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

The weather isn’t the only thing starting to warm up at the gym! Our March Member of the Month, Sheffina Dorsey, has been having more than one “knock your shoes off” workouts.

It seems like more than 8 months ago that Sheffina saw some crazy girls running outside pushing metal sleds across the concrete parking lot of the newly opened Caffeinated. Curious, she turned her car around to check out the madness, and has since reveled in it.

Sheffina has been awarded Athlete of the Month by pushing herself to her limits every day she comes into the gym. There are more days than not where she is on the floor, shoes off, after a tough workout.

Not only does she push herself every class, but she pushes other athlete’s in her class and celebrates their victories and workouts with them. She can often be found smiling and clapping while cheering for others and sometimes forgets that she is in the middle of a workout herself!

Coaches get a hoot out of coaching this fireball as well.

Coach Christine’s remarks:  “I know sometimes it is tough for her to come in with her work schedule and kids schedules but every day she makes it in, it is with a smile for me and everyone else around her! I really love her attitude towards her life, her workout, and her gym family.”

Coach Way Joe recalls: “I still remember one if her first comments was “I’m sweating!” and I couldn’t help but laugh. Now she is sweating and smiling every day, it’s hard to imagine her working out any other way.”

So there we have it! Caffeinated Crossfit’s March Athlete of the Month! Whose ready to crush Sheffina’s Workout of the Day? On March 20th?


40 Ring Rows

50 Jump Rope

30 Ring Rows

100 Jump Rope

20 Ring Rows

150 Jump Rope

10 Ring Rows

200 Jump Rope

*Every time you break Ring Rows or Jump Rope, 10 sit ups