Athlete of the Month: June 2016

Sabrina Rabsatt

Our June Athlete of the Month, Sabrina, can be found frequenting the middle afternoon classes, with her slightly more energized pup in tow. She is always excited about lifting and equally not so excited about burpees. (Who could hate burpees?)  Even though minor injuries have held her back from certain movements, they haven’t stopped her from coming in and doing what she can! She has been a cornerstone member of the caffeinated family and we are so proud of her achievements and the obstacles she has overcome since joining Caffeinated CrossFit.

One of her box buddies, Jess, and her have the infamous saying “It’s gonna be great” to describe all workouts. This saying inspired her team name in her first competition at the Caffeinated Games where she swiped 2nd place!

The Caffeinated coaches only have good thoughts about Sabina:

Coach Way Joe remarks, “She is always supportive of people around her. She cares about what you want her to do. She makes sure she understands your cues and does her best to give you what you're asking of her.”

Coach Christine loves coaching her, saying, “Sabrina is very focused in class and I can always count on her to try her best and push herself to improve from the last time she came in. She sets a great example for what Caffeinated athletes all share: hard workers who are goal driven, with great attention to technique and form.”

Coach Mary adds, “She has a positive attitude during her workouts and encourages those around her to succeed as well.”

“Sabrina is a smart athlete, who is always aware of her limits, but pushes those limits whenever they come up in a workout.” Observes Coach Charles.

A small hiatus in July and beginning of August will have her revved up to complete her workout when she gets back. In the meantime, we will celebrate her achievements by doing “Sabrina” on Sunday, June 26th!


In Partners:


Bear complex (one person working at a time) 100/70

7 Partner synchronized deadlifts between each round