Athlete of the Month: July 2016

Richard McAllister

Richard McAllister, Caffeinated CrossFit’s July Athlete of the Month, is the keystone to the 7:30 PM classes. He is the role model for his dedication to working out at multiple gyms and his strict eating during all the Caffeinated Food Challenges. Not only that, he can always be counted on for help. Weather we need to move 100 lbs floor mats and gym equipment across town, or a fellow gym member needs brakes changed on their car, he is always willing and ready to lend a hand.

We are proud to have Richard [among many awesome people] as part of the Caffeinated Family. He is consistent in his workout routine and never shies from extra work to help him overcome his weaknesses [stretching and mobility is its own workout]. He takes coaching advice to heart and practices movements he wants to improve on, EVERY day!

“When thinking of Richard, the first thing that comes to mind is his dedication.” Comments Coach Charles, “He always sticks to his routines [Tuesday rest day!] and his goals [double unders erry day].”

“He is super involved in the community. Nutrition Challenges. Group outings [dinners, escape rooms, pool day]. Moving Gym Equipment. Cookouts. Hero workouts.Whatever we throw at him, he is always engaged and committed.” – Coach Way Joe

Coach Christine shares, “He is fun to coach. I know if we go thru improvements to make him a better athlete, he will not only focus on it for that class, but when he goes to his other gym, and even at home. He has a focus and drive that only comes with patience and persistence.”

It’s no wonder why we chose Richard McAllister as our July, 2016 Athlete of the Month! What better way to celebrate a Caffeinated member, then a good ole sweaty workout?

Richard M.

15 RFT

1 Rope Climb

2 Deadlifts 315/205

3 Toes to bar

2 Push Ups

1 Muscle Up