Athlete of the Month: August 2016

Heather Tuggle

Caffeinated CrossFit, Smyrna, GA

We love when our members are consistent and patient with their progress, but also celebrate their own victories! Heather, just joined the Caffeinated Family in April, but has been making improvements and sticking with her schedule and goals since the beginning. Heather has been awarded Athlete of the Month for her perseverance through initial frustrations with CrossFit and overcoming her uncertainties to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Heather is a positive influence with every class she attends. She is always focused on improving herself and rising to any challenge presented to her. Weather it is dragging 100 lbs of sled over pavement, or squatting to a bench for “just one more” rep.

She knows to celebrate each victory and embrace the process and not just impatiently await the result.

Our coaches have remarked on how fulfilling it is to coach Heather. She is dedicated, eager to learn, and follows direction well.  She is very involved in the Caffeinated community, attending the cookouts, swimming lessons, and nutritional talks and group.

“Heather really puts in good effort every time I've seen her in class.” Coach Claire commented.

Coach Christine added “Over the last few months I have been pleasantly surprised by Heather’s willingness to test her limits and push herself outside the comfort zone. I love that she comes to us for concerns and feedback immediately so that we always know what is going on and concerning her as an athlete.”

Heather’s workout is a tribute to her favorite movements and types of workout!

In teams of 3, 4 rounds for time of:
300 M Team Run
10 Tire flips
20 Cleans
30 Slam Ball
40 Kettlebell Swings
*Every 6 Minutes Start the next Round.
*Everyone can work at the same time