Athlete of the Month: April 2016

Rodrigo Castillo


If you are in the gym after 6 PM on a weeknight or visit us on the weekend, Rodrigo is sure to come and introduce himself! Our April Member of the Month, Rodrigo Castillo, is always a friendly face and an encouraging workout buddy.

Even though we put him thru brutal workouts with Way Joe he has stuck around. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he is a core member of Caffeinated CrossFit and a friend to all. Weather you “need help” deciding on how much weight to lift, or that last push thru a workout, Rodrigo is there to “help”! J

Rodrigo has been awarded Athlete on the Month because he not only drives excellence from those around him, he leads by example, always testing his limits and going into the “uncomfortable place”. Not only that, he is always up tohang out, help out, or just sit on the coach and drink after a workout!

Why the nickname Rodex?  “My CF buddies in Brazil named me that because there were many Rodrigos at the box but I was always Rodrigo Mexico. For short they started to call me Rodex.”

We don’t have that problem at Caffeinated but we’ll keep it anyways! Catchy, huh?

Coaches only have great things to say as well.

Coach Christine’s remarks:  “I always feel like someone is missing when he misses a day or two at the gym. From his workout ethic to his genuine care for everyone around him, he embodies what Caffeinated CrossFit community is about.”

Coach Charles recalls: “I guess sometimes we don’t think about all he does, because he just does it. He really does a great job of coming in even if he is not feeling great, and doing his workout around it [his elbow].”

So there we have it! Caffeinated Crossfit’s April Athlete of the Month! Whose ready to crush Rodex’s Workout of the Day? On April 17th?



Muscle Ups

Snatches Climbing Weight